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This button accesses Virtual Mason's custom PDF feature. When you are ready to print a house elevation, click the 'Print' button in the Top Choose Bar. A 2 page PDF will open in a new window. The first page features a picture of the house you customized. Keep in mind the most recent side of the house you selected and built (A or B) is the side that will be printed. The second page in the pdf is a close-up verion of the brick you chose for your house elevation. You can either save or print this PDF file.

Alt for image
Virtual Mason 'Print'

Page 1 of the PDF will have the physical details of the selected Acme Brick product, the mortar color selected, a house image with your selected product applied to the outside walls, and a link to Acme Brick dealer information.

Custome PDF Page 1 House Image:

Alt for image
Virtual Mason 'Print' House ex.

Page 2 of the PDF contains the same information, but has your custom wall image in place of the house. The examples below show what the wall and house prints look like. You can save or print, they are formated for 8.5x11 sheet of papper.

Custome PDF Page 2 Wall Image:

Alt for image
Virtual Mason 'Print' Wall ex.

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