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This button in the Virtual Mason allows you to change the mortar color on the house elevation you are designing.

To change the mortar, click the Mortars button in the Top Choose Bar. You will see a list of the available colors provided by Solomon Colors to the left of the house image. Next select a mortar color. A red border will appear around the button. Click 'Build' (Top Navigation Bar). You will see the 'building image' updated with the current brick and mortar color selections you have made.

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Virtual Mason 'Mortars'

Below is an example of how to change the 'Mortars' on the building image.

  • 1. Click 'Mortars' in the Top Navigation Bar to populate the material list with the available mortar colors.
  • 2. Choose a mortar by clicking on the Mortar Color button to the left of the building image.
  • 3. Click the Build button in the Top Navigation Bar to see your selection on the side of the house you picked.
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